This tutorial describes the LFE interface to GTK+ and is based on the PyGTK 2.0 Tutorial written by John Finlay. That, in turn, was based upon the GTK+ 2.0 Tutorial written by Tony Gale and Ian Main. This tutorial attempts to document as much as possible of ℓGTK, but is by no means complete.

Despite being based upon the PyGTK tutorial, the ℓGTK Tutorial has made changes (sometimes signoficant ones). In particular, gtknode was created with Glade specifically in mind. ℓGTK carries this philosophy forward: all GUI design and setup is done using .glade files. As such, in this tutorial you will not see any programmatic setup of windows, widgets, etc. Instead, we provide screenshots of Glade where appropriate, and the generated XML, as space allows.

This document is a work in progress. Please look for updates on Please submit any issues on the Github project.